Advantages of using the Spilly Spoon

Getting a child to consume medicine can be quite the task. If you’ve struggled with an ill child then the chances are you’ve experienced them refusing to take it, spitting it back out or just a battle with the spoon. Luckily, Spilly Spoon can help with those tricky moments and if you’re looking to put some fun back into what can be a mundane job then take a look at the advantages of using a Spilly Spoon.

It doesn’t spill – thankfully the Spilly Spoon is a non-spill spoon designed exclusively for medicine. The medicine is poured into the handle and then into the child’s mouth which makes it fuss free, easy and avoids any mess.

Spilly Spoon

Its child friendly – children love the caterpillar design as it’s colourful and fun while still being practical. Children won’t be scared to take medicine while using the spoon so it will reduce their anxiety.

You can lie the spoon on a flat surface – this feature allows you to be able to pick up your child and administer medicine without worrying about spilling any. The spoon can hold 10ml of liquid and it can be measured accurately in measurements of 2.5ml, 5ml, 7.5ml and 10ml.

Your child can administer their own medicine – an older child will probably want to be able to take their own medicine without the need of a parent. As the spoon is spill free, your child can easily consume the correct amount of medicine in a stress free way.

It’s affordable – the Spilly Spoon is just £4.99 offering great value for money.

It’s completely safe to use – the Spilly Spoon has been approved by several safety bodies in the UK like the Baby Products Association.

It’s super easy to clean – the spoon is both dishwasher and steriliser safe. You can also easily hand wash it in warm, soapy water too.

Spilly Spoon

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