The Basic Essentials for your Newborn Baby

Buying items for a new baby can be a minefield, however there’s really only a few true essentials that you require for the first few months of your child’s life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of goods on the baby market then take a look at these necessities.


Your baby will require several clothes but you don’t need to go too overboard on this front. Your baby will grow quicker than your realise, so just aim for a few basics to start with. A few recommended essentials include sleep suits, vests, cardigans (especially if its winter), booties and scratch mittens, bibs and hats. Keeping a range of both short and long sleeved suits is a good idea.


Naturally, you’ll need to stock up on these but you’ll find it easy to buy as your go along. Keeping a backup pack just in case you run out is ideal as you’ll find that you may not be as organised as you would like during the first few months with your baby.


You may decide to use re-usable or disposable nappies but either way, wipes are extremely handy to have. They’ll help you to clean up any messes and keep both you and baby clean. Re-usable wipes like Cheeky Wipes offer more value for your money as they clean easily in a 60 degree wash, are eco-friendly and are an effective way to clean your baby. They’re extremely gentle as they contain only water and 0.16% of essential oils meaning you know exactly what’s next to your baby’s skin.

Cheeky Wipes

Blanket or shawl

A blanket or shawl will keep your baby warm and cosy both in their bed and when out and about. Remember even if it feels slightly warm outside, it can still feel cold to your baby so keeping them covered is ideal. You might also want to consider a pram suit, especially if the weather is chilly.